FAQs & Advice

What is Glycerine?

Your skin’s natural oils are often stripped during the bathing process, whether from hot water or harsh products. Glycerine can help lock in your skin’s natural moisture and prevent over-drying.

What is the difference between Pure Shower Wash and Pure Child Wash?

Pure Child Wash contains the added ingredient of DEFENSIL®, which regenerates the skin barrier especially in younger children that could for example have a nappy rash. The Pure Shower Wash is suitable for all ages and is effective on all skin types.

If Pure Shower Wash and Pure Child Wash have “No Soap” how does it clean the body?

  1. Soapless skin cleansers use different ingredients from most traditional soap formulas, they still clean the skin but in a more gentle way without stripping the skin of its natural oils.
  2. To remove dirt and oil from the skin, the formula does this by having a Lipophilic (oil loving component) and a hydrophilic (water loving component).
  3. The Lipophilic component captures the dirt and oil while the hydrophilic component rinses it all away.
  4. Pure Child wash is a light cream emulsion, so it leaves behind a protective layer of moisture preventing the skin from drying out. Because the formula is so gentle, it is not necessary to wash off completely.

How Can I Repurpose My Pure Product Containers?

Pure Shampoo Everyday, Pure Shampoo with Urea, Pure Shower Wash & Pure Child Wash Bottles:

  1. Wash and dry out – then use as holders for example: ear bud dispenser or cotton wool dispenser.
  2. Refill with required amount to take on travels instead of taking a full bottle.
  3. Refill with any other products such as household cleaning chemicals – making it easier to carry around the house whilst cleaning.
  4. Kids’ Pencil Organizers – take the lid off and cut off the top of the blue plastic bottle where the opening is to make a kid-friendly pencil organiser. All you need are scissors, paint, plus a way to mount them, and your house will be greener and more organised.

Pure Skin Cleanser Pump Bottles:

  1. Wash and dry out – refill with handsoap of choice. This can then be placed in bathrooms or kitchens to be used for washing hands.
  2. Wash and dry out – refill with cream or lotion of choice. This can then be placed in bathrooms or kitchens to be used after washing hands

Pure Cream & Pure Glycerine Cream Jars:

  1. Store hair accessories such as: bobbie pins, elastics, hair clips
  2. Store jewelry such as: earrings and rings
  3. Pot planters – create planters for your home or office using the base of the jars only
  4. Store coins – wash and dry out, cut a slit hole in the lid and store all your lose change

Contact your local recycling company and ask about how you can recycle with them.