What we are saying, is true!

The Proof Is In The Pure…

Pure Soap – “Best soap ever. Skin is smoother and looks better” – Leloh Sethakha

Pure Cream – “Best products ever… thank goodness for Pure products. I get mine at Dischem. My skin is so sensitive i can’t even use baby non fragrance items. But thanks to Pure… my eczema and skin reactions are very few and far between” – Charnè Pitman

Pure Shampoo With Urea & Pure Hair Conditioner – “I can recommend this product 100%! I had constantly itching dry flake scalp and used a cortisone scalp treatment often which helped a little. Since I started using only Pure Shampoo with Urea and the Conditioner for the past 8 weeks have been amazed by the result. No more itching! Also using the Pure soap and great improvements in eczema” – Tish Booysen

Pure Skin Cleanser – “I use it as a facial cleanser. Works well!” – Marilyn Anne Louw